About Us


Our founder Alice, is a skin & soft tissue therapist practising across Surrey & London.

It all began during lockdown,when Alice got creating, with the first products available from June 2021.

The name was inspired by the bean bag style pillow with a center cavity that accommodates a "bump" and so Bebebumpbag was born.


Alice was also keen to provide a locally made body support product for her clients,thereby helping to reduce the carbon footprint as compared to similar imported sausage-shaped microbead bolster/pillow products, commonly sourced from the US & elsewhere abroad and so the brand bodibuddi was born. https://www.bodibuddi.com


The Bebebumpbag was designed as a professional massage treatment pillow that can be used for all clients that have a more pronounced abdomen such as in pregnancy.The bumpbag takes client and therapist treatment comfort to another level.

 The bumpbag massage pillow with footrest is a must-have & fits neatly onto your therapy treatment couch.






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