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The maternity bean bag therapy pillow for ultimate pregnancy treatment comfort!




Our treatment bags are made for both the therapist and client in mind.

By lowering your treatment couch, the therapist is able to place the pillow and foot rest on top of the treatment table.

Since the treatment height is fully adjustable, it ensures optimum positioning for both therapist and client. This treatment pillow is versatile and allows for face up treatments such as pregnancy facials and pedicures too!


The faux leather is easy to clean between clients, moulding to support every inch of your client with a foot rest for additional comfort. Clients are so impressed by the cushion that they want one for home comfort too!




Pregnant clients that are contraindicated for massage should not be treated. Your client should avoid lying bump down if uncomfortable or seek medical advice prior to treatment.






Benefits of bump down treatments!


There are several medical resources as quoted below confirming the benefits of lying face forward whilst pregnant, summarised as follows:

 An incredible feeling of weightlessness, allowing you to enjoy your treatment in optimal comfort.


Brazilian research has confirmed that spending time on your front improves oxygen saturation to the womb is optimal and decreases respiratory rates of the patient inducing a higher state of relaxation and hence lower stress levels.


Whilst Australian studies illustrate how lying on your front can assist with pre eclampsia blood pressure rates.








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